GLOBAL 2022 - Sfen


July 6 to 8, 2022
Conférence internationale

Founded in 1993, GLOBAL is the largest international forum dedicated to the nuclear fuel cycle

Climate change is at the heart of both economic and societal challenges of today’s world. The past year, marked by a global pandemic, has reinforced the awareness of the impact of climate change and the growing need for the production of low carbon energy.

This increase of energy capacity integrates new requirements on production and consumption methods to optimize the usage of natural resources, minimize the environmental impact in a sustainable manner and increase the circular economy.  Thus, nuclear as an energy source has a key role to play in meeting the energy needs of today and tomorrow by contributing to the production of reliable, low-carbon and competitive electricity in compliance with safety, security and environmental requirements.

This new edition located in Reims during 3 days will provide an outstanding forum for high-level experts and stakeholders from around the world, to share recent technological advances, developments of new markets and applications that lead to enhance the positioning of nuclear power as well as its public support. The complete view of the nuclear fuel cycle and its evolution, from mining to recycling up to final disposal of waste will be discussed in order to shed light on the future of nuclear power.

Guillaume Dureau, Conference Chair
Cécile Evans & François Sudreau, Program Chairs


1 • Nuclear energy outlook and prospects, and associated fuel cycle perspectives
1a Nuclear energy outlook (including SMR) | 1b • Nuclear energy and energy market dynamics | 1c • New applications of nuclear energy | 1d • Natural resources | 1e • Nuclear system sustainability (including life cycle assessment) | 1f • Front-end markets: updates and prospects

2 • Fuel cycle options including technical-economical evaluations
2a • Industrial practices in water-cooled reactors | 2b • Advanced fuel cycle options for thermal neutron reactor systems (both large scale and small modular reactors) | 2c • Open cycle options | 2d • Recycling options | 2e • Generation IV nuclear systems (both large scale and small modular reactors) : e.g. FNR, MSR, Th cycles,… | 2f • Partitioning and transmutation, and isotopes valorisation

3 • Nuclear fuel cycle front-end
3a • Uranium exploration | 3b • Uranium mining | 3c • Uranium ore processing | 3d • Uranium conversion and enrichment | 3e • Nuclear fuel design and fabrication : includes innovations, ATF | 3f • Advances in processes and technologies : ATF… | 3g • Front-end Transports | 3h • Valorisation, reuse of materials (depleted U…)

4 • Spent/Used fuel storage & transportation
4a • SF storage exiting technologies and innovation to account for long term storage | 4b • extension of storage period of existing system: ageing management, relicensing… | 4c • Long term behaviour of SF under storage, SF integrity under storage conditions | 4d • Storage system durability and transportability (including regulatory constraints) | 4e • Centralized storage | 4f • Transportation of SF: technologies and system to implement

5 • Spent.Used fuel Fuel recycling
5a • LWR used fuel processing | 5b • Mixed oxide fuel manufacturing and reprocessing ( MOX, Remix, MOX2) | 5c • Fast neutron reactor fuel manufacturing and reprocessing (MOX, metal fuel) | 5d • Non oxide fuels recycling: nitride, carbide, molten salt,… | 5e • Industrial plants: updates and new projects | 5f • Partitioning and transmutation: fuels and recycling processes

6 • Waste management
6a • Policies and strategies in radioactive waste management (including valorisation) | 6b • Predisposal steps: waste characterisation, treatment, conditioning, storage (includes vitrified HLW and spent nuclear fuel when declared as waste, ILLW) | 6c • Experience in VLLW and LILW disposal | 6d • Progress in geological disposal project from siting to industrial implementation | 6e • Legacy Waste management

7 • Institutional, international & societal developments and issues
7a • Non-proliferation and safeguards | 7b • Public Support | 7c • Knowledge management | 7d • Legal, financial and insurance frameworks | 7e • international R&D collaboration

About Sfen

The French Nuclear Society is the French knowledge hub for nuclear energy. Created in 1973, the Sfen provides a space where all those who are interested in nuclear energy and its applications can obtain and exchange information.

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